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Managing Director

Ivo Tito D'Ortenzio

Ivo brings 20 years of experience in store development, having led the delivery of more than 7,000 stores in the retail and luxury goods industry. Over the last decade, he has focused on sustainability, recognizing its growing importance for the future of our world. As the leader of Th3 Green, he inspires the team to provide cutting-edge services that meet clients’ needs while remaining true to the company’s sustainability values.

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Sr. Sustainability Manager

Lorenzo Pierini

Business Sustainability Manager (CISL) and LEED Green Associate, Lorenzo holds a Master’s in Architecture and one in International Cooperation and Development. Lorenzo has 15+ years of worldwide experience in the sustainability and retail construction industry; his vision and mindset help any Team to achieve their SDGs target before 2030 with unique solutions and a proactive approach.

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Sustainability Specialist

Federica Coppa

Federica holds a Master in Sustainability Management and Circular Economy. She has a profound commitment to responsible material sourcing with keen interest in international sustainability programs; her mission is to shape a greener and more economically sustainable future.

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